If you live in, own or work in a property over 100 years old or even newly built, damp problems can arise as a result of incorrect building techniques, use of defective materials, poor standards of workmanship or just everyday living practices.  Damp Proofing can be used to quickly reduce the problem.

Rising Damp is a common phenomenon generally caused by defective materials or age and is readily overcome by the application of chemical damp proofing or membrane installation. Sterling Preservation Limited is well-versed in this field, with thousands of successfully completed installations.

Mould Penetrating Damp again is common, especially below ground in cellars, basements and in buildings with defective external renders. With the installation of a Cavity Drain System and/or Tanking, these niggling problems are readily overcome using the latest materials, practices and in-house expertise.


Due to the characteristics of modern day living where homes are warm, generally centrally heated, though poorly insulated and tightly sealed against draughts but poorly ventilated with high moisture levels created by baths, showers, cooking, washing machines and tumble dryers etc., high relative humidity is an inevitable consequence. When meeting cold internal surfaces condensation is formed, followed by mould or other fungal growth, resulting in mustiness and other odious smells.

Sterling Preservation Limited is highly knowledgeable on the requirements on damp proofing to quickly reduce this phenomenon and decrease the building degradation that can result from not attending to this condition.

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